Valspar Paint

Authorized Dealer

Marshall Trading is the authorized dealer for Valspar Paints in Barbados. 

For over 200 years Valspar has been helping people connect to the power of color. During that time, their dedication to helping you find your perfect fit has led them to become one of the most recognized paint and coating brands in the world. Marshall Trading is excited to be the Authorized Dealer for Valspar Paint in Barbados. We can Tint the full range of Valspar Paint to the perfect colour for your life. With Valspar, the right color can change everything.

Valspar Medallion Paint

Valspar® Medallion Exterior ONLY $72.96 / gallon

This tough house paint keeps your home safe from the weather a 100% acrylic coating. Paint drys quickly cleans up easily with soap and water. Gives a mildew resistant coating. 

Valspar Medallion Interior Paint

Valspar® Medallion Interior ONLY $69.95 / gallon

Valspar Medallion Interior Paint protects with a 100% acrylic coating for a lifetime of interior beauty. Paint dries quickly and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Valspar® Professional Exterior ONLY $55.00 / gallon

Valspar® Professional Exterior ONLY $55.00 / gallon

This is 100% Acrylic, Professional Quality Exterior Latex paint developed to provide outstanding durability and fade and mildew resistance. Provides a smooth, uniform finish with spray, brush or roller application. Can be applied to a variety of exterior surfaces: wood and metal siding, trim including hardboard, fiber cement board, vinyl, shakes, primed metal, brick, cement, cinder block and stucco.

Valspar Professional Interior

Valspar® Professional Interior ONLY $49.95 / gallon

A premium quality, high-hiding finish for interior walls, doors and trim. It sprays and rolls with low spatter, and provides excellent touch-up properties. High hiding. Superior touch-up. Washable. Low spatter. Easy application. Soap and water clean-up.

ValsparTintable Primer

Valspar® Tintable Primer Interior | Exterior ONLY $65.00 / gallon

The perfect beginning for vivid, brilliant and deep colored paints. This premium quality primer promotes better hiding and truest color appearance - you'll use fewer coats of paint! Many bold paint colors look truest when applied over one of 3 shades of gray. Tintable Primer also promotes better touch-up and uniform color, eliminating streaks.